Product in focus: The Base Primer

What is the main function of the primer? And do you really need it? 

Well, as the name suggests, a primer “primes” or optimizes the skin surface before foundation is applied. Its main purpose is to smoothen out the skin, making it look more polished and even, and thus prepares the skin to make the makeup last longer.

And this is exactly what The Base Primer does! It moisturizes the skin, minimizes the pores and leaves a radiant finish, creating the perfect base before applying the foundation.

What makes The Base Primer unique on the market is that it is organic and 98% natural with skin boosting vegetal collagen that assists to rebuild your skin. And how do we know it actually works?

Well, the main difference between natural and synthetic primers are that natural primers are made out of high quality plant based oils and waxes, such as jojoba oil and argan oil, instead of synthetic toxic preservatives and fillers that most synthetic primers consist of.

These kinds of high-quality ingredients work to both smoothen the skin short- term and gradually improve the look of uneven skin long-term. So, basically, think of synthetic primers as a “quick fix” and natural primers as a long-term solution.

The Base Primer is made to create a long lasting impact on your skin, just like our other base products. It is made for all skin types as well as sensitive skin!

We have prepared a tutorial for you on our Youtube channel, where you can learn how to apply The Base Primer in easy and quick steps:

 You can buy The Base Primer here and start experiencing the true power of plant-based makeup created by Baseofsweden that is made to perform! 




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