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Hej! Welcome to BASEOFSWEDEN! 

BASEOFSWEDEN develops makeup made to perform. We are a Swedish brand focused on making the best base products adapted to your active lifestyle. 

BASEOFSWEDEN was launched in 2019 with the vision that a makeup base should function like a second skin layer and blend in naturally with your active lifestyle. Our star product, The Base foundation won the Cosmo Beauty Award for “best makeup product 2019” at Cosmoprof.

Our mission is to create the best base makeup products. Our products are gentle to your skin, with skin-boosting ingredients creating long-lasting results. Our journey as a brand has just begun and our aim is to deliver a long-lasting impact on people’s lives with our products. 

We promise to be a people company before we are a product company. Therefore, we will never compromise on the purpose of our products and we will always focus on creating cosmetic solutions for active life choices. We simply want you to spend more time living life!  Follow our journey and see what we are up to: Do you have a question for us? 

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