Summer Makeup 101: Waterproof your summer look!

Pool season is finally here, thus it’s a perfect time to waterproof your makeup bag with a bullet proof foundation that will keep up with wherever your summer adventures take you!

You might want to go au naturel during hot summer months, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your makeup routine; you can still get your glam on during those nights out, days at the pool with friends or at your best friend’s wedding!

Just as the name suggests, waterproof foundation will not fade or smudge due to swimming, sweating or humidity. It is specially formulated to resist and stay put when exposed to water. It should be light and breathable, yet long lasting so you don’t have to deal with melting issues. You want to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed!


Our unique The Base Foundation created to provide you with all of the above mentioned and much more! Besides being waterproof and sweat resistance, it is designed to function as your second skin. It is climate-adaptive and, despite a common belief about waterproof foundations, will not clog your pores. Instead it will create a smooth and moist surface on the skin with a matte finish to give you the most long-lasting effect! We also added a generous SPF 30 to the formula to make sure your skin is protected from too much sun exposure! Can’t we just say - “ideal for Summer”!


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