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The Base foundation has 12 shades with empowering names from the lightest shade Confident to the darkest shade Powerful and they are organized by undertones Cold, Neutral and Warm.


Cold undertones = Bare skin has a rosy undertone and usually burns easily in the sun. Veins appear as blue.
Neutral undertones = Bare skin has combination of both cool and warm undertones. Not too pink or too golden. Veins appear as a mix of green and blue.
Warm undertones = Bare skin appears golden/yellow and tans easily in the sun. Olive skin can sometimes skew warm as well for those with a slightly more gold hue. Veins appear as green.

Our shades with cool undertones: Confident, Fresh, Rebellious, Energetic
Our shades with neutral undertones: Sophisticated, Brave, Passionate
Our shades with warm undertones: Rebellious, Unique, Golden, Ambitious, Radiant, Powerful

Kindly look at our 12 shades and see which one of our models you are the most similar to in skin tone. If you can't find only one, then use the undertones guide to find out what undertone you have and let that determine your shade when choosing amongst several shades. 

Powerful (red undertone)


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