Frequently Asked Questions

The Base currently comes in eight shades. Depending on how even your skin tone is you may need to use a variety of shades for different parts of your body. You can also blend several colors to achieve a more customized shade.

Yes, you can! The Base is the ultimate foundation when you want to achieve complete coverage with extreme lasting power. It is an excellent choice for situations involving water or sweat, as well in humid conditions and other occasions where normal makeup would rinse off. Avoid direct eye contact and use The Base Remover to easily remove the foundation.

If you have not used the product in a while, the Base may separate a bit. Always make sure to shake well before use and it will turn back to normal and work like before!

The Base is a very long lasting product and you do not need much to achieve full coverage. However, how long it lasts will ultimately depend on how often you use it and the size of the application area.

The Base has the potential to smooth out minor differences in skin texture if applied correctly; for example in the case of shallow stretch marks. Although very deep skin indentations cannot be filled completely, the improved surface color and texture may in itself create an illusion of decreased depth.

A common mistake is to use too much product at once and apply it only to the area you wish to cover. The best way to avoid an uneven result is to first take a small amount of product and blend it out with a brush until you have achieved an even base, before going back to add more in select areas where you need extra cover. If you are covering a very pigmented area, such as a tattoo, let the cover formula sit for a while and let dry a bit before adding more product. Repeat this process as many times as needed until you have achieved the desired effect. Make sure to look at the result from several angles to make sure you have blended and covered the surface evenly.

You may use a brush, sponge, or a combination of the two depending on your preference. If you prefer to use your hands, you can use gloves to avoid stickiness or accidentally touching your clothes after application.

You can use most makeup products along with The Base. However, we do not recommend using heavily oil based creams or lotions as it could compromise the lasting effect and finish of the cover formula.

A regular brush shampoo or waterproof remover alone will not be able to dissolve the cover formula completely. When using a brush to apply the The Base, you must clean it immediately after each application to stop the product from binding to the brush hairs and decreasing their longevity. We highly recommend using the The Base Remover to loosen the product from the brush prior to utilising any other cleansing product.

All of our cosmetics are manufactured in the EU under strict safety regulations to make sure they live up to our own high quality standards as well as those of the European Union.

YES! Our products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals.

Our formula is safe to use for all types of skin. It is completely vegan and paraben-free with non-toxic ingredients. However, as with any beauty products, we always recommend testing it on a small area first to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.