Julia Khouri shares her skin secrets!

Hi Friends! Today I'm going to share some of my secrets about my skin routine. It is winter, my skin I dry and I feel overall quite grey. I also have very sensitive skin, so it is really important for me only to use skincare products and makeup that nourishes my skin with moisturizing ingredients. That is why I use Base of Sweden. It’s one of those few times where it feels like the product has been created while thinking about modern women. 

We rush, we have a lot of errands to run, we work out, we host meetings, lead teams, and at the end of the day, we still like to look good, right? But still natural of course! The Base Foundation and Primer is like my ideal way to do all of that without any worries - it simply looks good on my skin - no matter what I do.


I start my routine with a moisturizer and then I apply The Base Primer. It is literally the best primer I have ever tried. I personally enjoy using it on its own without foundation, but changes from day to day. It is really a great product that nourishes my skin and evens out my skin tone. It gives me a very nice glow and is a true must-have in my routine!

On those days when I have events or just want to wear more makeup I use The Base Foundation. One thing I really appreciate is that I can choose my own coverage. I always want to look more natural, so I use one layer of foundation just to even out the skin tone and cover blemishes, redness, and fine lines. I love that I can still see the skin's structure!

I am no makeup professional, but these products are so easy to work with! You can use your hands or a damp sponge. The foundation also has SPF30 and a beautiful finish, which I love. And if these benefits are not enough, I can work in the garden the whole day and my base will still look amazing!

I just love Base of Sweden. This brand has been a part of my life for a while now. Usually, i only wear the primer (i am a bit lazy 😀), but when I also wear The Base foundation I feel like my best self!

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