Makeup for the body - instant tan or cover up?


Self-tanning in all its glory, but it is usually a little more complicated then it first seems and achieving an even tan requires several steps of preparations… Sometimes you just want a tan right away! 

Tanned in under a minute? You will qualify for the Olympics after learnings this new makeup hack!

Woman laying on a big sandy beach wearing The Base Foundation

Here it goes… Mix your The Base Foundation with your body lotion or body oil.

Our The Base Foundation was actually first thought to be a product for your body. The idea was to create a second skin layer that could cover anything and at the same time be gentle to your skin and last long days no matter the weather conditions. A body foundation that would last at the beach, in the wilderness or a hot day in the city and that you could rely on.

The Base Foundation in water

So The Base Foundation is made for both your face and body. It is a multitasking product with a long-lasting formula that you can enjoy all over your body.

For a quick tan: mix 2 pumps of The Base Foundation with your body lotion and apply all over your legs. Let it dry for 1-2 minutes and enjoy the fake stockings effect!

Legs in the sand wearing The Base Foundation

For a shimmering: mix 2 pumps of The Base Foundation with a shimmering body oil and apply it onto your skin. Massage it into the skin one area at a time and let it dry for 1-2 minutes.

Do you need help finding your shade of The Base Foundation?

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