The Base was developed during several years in Sweden, where the seasons change from cold and snowy to warm and green. The founders realized there was a need for makeup that could last the different seasons.

The formula has then been tested and improved by our whole team until a foundation beyond expectations was complete. That is The Base today and the beginning of the Start Up BASEOFSWEDEN.

Since then BASEOFSWEDEN has participated in several startup competitions and the foundation The Base won the Cosmo Awards prize for "Best Makeup Product 2019" at the world's biggest beauty fair, Cosmoprof, in Bologna this year.

BASEOFSWEDEN is a start up built by women, led by women from different backgrounds. The independent entrepreneur Victoria Silvstedt is on the advisory board for BASEOFSWEDEN supporting the company's development, sharing her expertise, passion for the beauty industry and female entrepreneurship while also being the global media ambassador for the brand.

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