Trick or TREAT?

Trick or treat?  

The Base can stand the heat.  

It is so neat.  

So long lasting and creamy 

So very dreamy 

So exclusively scary.  

So light, so airy.  

Spend your scary days wise,  

Choose makeup not tested on mice,  

Choose makeup of high quality, 

Choose The base foundation and be free.  


Trick or treat?  

This foundation can stand the heat.  

It will last as long as the beat  

from the dancefloor to the morning after.  

Helping you look like a true disaster.  

Because it is halloween,  

You will probably look mean,  

But this foundation is kind to your skin,  

And let´s the air in.  

So go scare someone with your look,  

Because with this base,  
all the crazy makeup on your face,  
will stay in place.  








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