The AKIND collaboration

We want to support brands who are doing good in this world and who are offering an innovative alternative solution. Therefore we have teamed up with the sustainable Swedish jewelry brand AKIND for a special campaign to raise awareness for long lasting, innovative products made with exceptional quality.

Together we came up with the perfect (Christmas) gift for a loved one or simply for yourself. If you purchase a one of our BASEOFSWEDEN products you will receive a 20% discount code for an AKIND jewelry piece in their shop. Treat yourself to this magical match.

AKIND. White diamond ring 2800 SEK and Mini black diamond ring 1750 SEK. 

AKIND is an up and coming jewelry brand that makes jewelry with ethical methods and exceptional craftmanship. 


Their jewelry is designed in-house in Stockholm, Sweden. The design is timeless, Scandinavian and minimalist, made for any occasion. The pieces are then created in Andalucia, Spain, where they are handcrafted by a third generation family business who are experts in their field. 

AKIND. The gold is collected and melted in a crucible (usually made out of graphite carbon or clay)

AKIND. The recycled gold is melted at a temperature of 879 degrees Celsius.

Their minimalist jewelry pieces are handcrafted and made from recycled gold and lab grown diamonds. The gold they use is made of 100% recycled 14K solid gold (it has higher durability than the usual 18K gold) which makes their pieces last forever, they even have a lifetime guarantee. 

Their diamonds are grown above ground in a laboratory that recreates the same conditions that form diamonds underground, but only requires a fraction of the resources of mining operations. All their diamonds come with VS1 clarity and D-F color! 

AKIND. On their Instagram @wearakind you can see all their gorgeous pieces. 

Quality is both theirs and our mantra. We both believe in people wanting high quality yet simple and long-lasting solutions in today's fast paced society. We are both sustainable in that way. We are both vegan and cruelty-free. We are both female driven companies from Sweden. We make solutions that are kind to your skin. Our common solution for your skin does not crack and will not fade. We are here to offer high quality solutions for your skin, every day.












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