Supermodel Victoria Silvstedt shares her secrets to radiant skin

Victoria Silvstedt started her career as a runner-up in the beauty pageant Miss Sweden. That was the start to a very successful model career that would turn into tv-hosting, acting and later trading and business development. 

Today she is the most famous Swedish gal in the world and spends her time modelling, trading, travelling and sharing her expertise on the Advisory board for the makeup startup BASEOFSWEDEN. We met her during her short visit in Sweden to get her best beauty and skincare tips! 

Hej (Swedish for hello) Victoria, so nice of you to share our favourite beauty tips with us! We are dying to know what you use (*note: close up Victoria's skin is absolutely flawless, tight and glowing, full of energy). 

Do you have any go-to products that you see have made an impact on your skin? 

”I take vitamins in the morning, one that is called ”Xtendlife total balance women’s premium” that I order online from New Zeeland. It contains all the right ingredients I believe we women need to stay in shape and prevent our skin from ageing." 

Every time we meet your makeup is on fleek, so we are so curious, who does your makeup and from who and where did you learn to do your makeup? 

”Thank you! I usually do my own makeup. I have learned from the best, the makeupartists at all the jobs I’ve done! I've been watching them closely and asked them for advise and they have shared their best tips with me, and now I love doing my own makeup!” 

Having worked as a model, tv-host and constantly being in the spotlight for such a long time, what do you use to remove your makeup at the end of a long day? From experience we know most stage makeup is pretty heavy! 

”I use Avène cleansing gel and toner for sensitive skin, it is without perfumes and I find it to be very gentle to my skin. I also use an eye makeup remover from Avène for sensitive eyes (I buy it at the pharmacy in France, but I am sure you can buy it online). 

Victoria's go-to product,  Avène cleansing gel and toner for sensitive skin

I also like the serum and moisturiser from Cinq Mondes, they are both natural without perfume and contains vegetable extracts and protects my skin from UV radiation. For my eyes I use the cream from La Mer called The eye concentrate. I have sensitive skin so I always use products without perfume. 

La mer eye concentrate cream with a spoon
Victoria's favourite from La Mer, The eye concentrate

Since most makeup has so much perfume in it, I want to have as natural skincare products as possible. That is also one of the reasons to why I love The Base foundation, because it does not smell and it keeps my skin moist the whole day. It feels so natural and works great on my sensitive skin. 

Victoria wearing The Base foundation, she wears the shade Golden, saying that it matches her tan perfectly 

I also always buy vegan and cruelty-free makeup, because I believe that true beauty is cruelty-free.” 

Victoria and her beloved pug Felix who just turned 10 (happy birthday to you Felix!)

You’ve said previously in an interview that you believe skin is mainly affected by what you eat and put in your body and not only directly on your skin. So do you have any foods that you eat to boost your skin?

”Yes, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil and healthy fats such as coconut oil. I really enjoy fresh berries and nuts as snacks. My favourite breakfast is oat porridge with blueberries and almond milk, it’s delicious and it keeps me full. I have also removed almost all diary products from my diet and I can really see and feel a big difference in my skin. I also drink a lot of water to keep myself and my skin hydrated and I do not smoke!” / 

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