Rebecca Hammel tested The Base during the Ironman triathlon in Kalmar

The Base is sweat proof and what would be a better test than Ironman! We asked boss babe Rebecca Hammel to use The Base during the Ironman triathlon in Kalmar. Curious if The Base made it to the finish just like Rebecca? Read along to find out! Of course we took the opportunity to ask Rebecca tips and tricks on how to prepare for a triathlon! Get inspired and sporty this fall! Thank you Rebecca for putting The Base to the test! We are also extremely proud of your score outcome! You did GREAT!

Rebecca is wearing SOPHISTICATED mixed with GOLDEN.

Small introduction who is Rebecca Hammel?

I am an engineer with a passion for sports, primary running and triathlon. I work full time as an IT-consultant at Forefront Consulting and on my “spare” time I also work as a running coach, cycling instructor and a personal trainer at SATS (Sweden’s largest fitness chain). Before I started to study, I worked full time with training and I really did believe I would do that for the rest of my life, however life wanted it to be differently.

 You competed for the Ironman triathlon in Kalmar. How did it go and what was the outcome for you?

This was my third Ironman an I was aiming for much better result than before this time. Besides that I wanted to do a better time in each discipline (3800m swimming, 180km cycling & 42km of running) I also wanted to have total time under 11h, which I did not know if I could do. I reached all my goals and made it on 10h and 59 min so for me the outcome was fantastic even if I still have a lot to learn on the bike.

When did you start competing in triathlons and why?

I started about 4 years ago with a much shorter version than the Ironman. The reason for that was that I started to have problems with injures from running since my primarily thing was to run. I have been running since I was a little kid and mostly because it is meditative for me. However, I started to race later in life (as an amateur) and after about 10 marathons and a lot of other running races combined with getting “older”, my body was getting tired of the monotonous movement and things started to hurt. So, I decided that I had to do something about it, I couldn’t just only run anymore. That was the point when I began with triathlons. In the beginning I borrowed a bike and a friend of mine started to teach me how to swim. And here I am, four Ironman´s later, haven’t had an injury for five years now and I love to have three sports to choose from.


How do you prepare for a triathlon? Both physically and mentally?

It’s a lot of hard work that has to be done in order to get to the start line prepared. You can’t do an Ironman on old merits, you just won’t make it. In order to get ready, I work out in average 8-15 hours per week depending on what time of the year it is. I have a coach, Amanda Bohlin, she helps me to optimize my training and makes sure the work is done in the best possible way for me and my conditions. Even though the physical part is really important, I would say the mental preparation is almost even more important. Because no matter how fast or hard you go, the mind will tell you to stop at some point during the race and that’s when it all begins. You have to continue running even though your entire body tells you to STOP. So how do you get through this mentally? I believe you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone again, and again, and again. Every time you do that, you will get mentally stronger and you will prove to yourself that you can do it, even if you thought you couldn’t. You also have to have a really good answer for the question “WHY?” you are doing this. Something that is so strong that you keep on going even at times when you don’t want to.  

What´s your favorite part of a triathlon and why?

Before it was running since that was my best discipline. Now I really enjoy the swimming as well since I work hard on getting better at it. I have a lot of work to do on the bike still since I don’t really like going in high speed and I am a bit afraid when it’s very windy.  

How do you fit training into your working life? Any tips for fellow ladies?

I have the privilege to work at a company who encourages to be active and that really helps. But I also prioritize in my schedule. I wake up early, but I also make sure I get the sleep I need to not get sick and have time to recover. I try to socialize with my friends during training sessions which often works out fine as most of my friends like to be active as well. Instead of going out for dinner you go out for a run together or a swim.

The same goes for hanging out with my partner. Set up goals together and push each other to reach them. My boyfriend never ran a marathon, nor biked 300km around a lake, nor swum before I met him and now he has and he will soon do his first sprint triathlon.

My best tip is to stop making excuses why you don’t have time. Find friends that you can work out with because if you do everything alone it´s just not fun. If you have kids, involve them. You can always do more than you believe and you are capable of anything if you just want to. DON’T GIVE UP!


How do you motivate yourself for each and every training?

With my strong WHY, which I talked about before and by having clear goals. I don’t get up every morning thinking “hey, a new day a new workout how fun this will be”. Oh no, but I do now that I have to do it in order to be ready for a race example.  

What goes through your head during the triathlon?

Well that’s a funny question since you go through a lot of mental stages. You feel like a crazy person sometimes. In the beginning you are like super nervous and you want to throw up, then you feel like “wow this is awesome, and I love it”, in the middle you start to think “why the hell am I doing this, I will never do it again, my whole body hurts”. And then when you reach the finish line and you suddenly forget all these thoughts and you simply feel like a hero! 

Do you ever get the feeling of wanting to give up? If yes what do you then do? 

Oh yes, many times. But I finish what I started even if it doesn’t go as planned. Also, I “talk to my self” when it happens. Like this year, I had a really hard time on the bike and just wanted to cry for the last 30 km and stop. I thought “I just finish the bike and then I stop”.  But when I was at my all-time low during the race, I started to say to myself; “shape the hell up now, you have dragged 10 supporters here to go around the race and cheer for, you can’t just stop because you have a bad day. Just do it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.” And so I did.

You tested The Base during your last triathlon. How did it go? 

Awesome. I have been looking for a foundation that I can use during hard training sessions since I have rosacea and sometimes I just don’t want to work out without makeup. However, I didn´t find the right foundation before until I discovered The Base. The Base looks just as good at the finish line as it did before the start. Amazing if you ask me because this was a hard product test.

Did you feel The Base was fully sweat resistant? 

Yes, I really did. I have tried it afterwards as well and it is really good.

How did The Base feel different from other foundations to you?
I think it’s a little more solid in the consistency but without feeling thick at your skin. And of course that it lasts longer than any other foundations. You can count on looking good all day.

Do you have any tips for fellow boss girls who want to start training for a triathlon?

Start with a short distance, see if you like it. Join a triathlon club if you have one close to you. Another idea is to join groups on Facebook were you can ask questions and get support. It will help you to meet people that push you forward. Don’t go out and buy a lot of new stuff. The second hand market is large and you don’t need the best gear in the beginning. Good enough works fine. It will be hard to get started but remember the good old saying “nothing comes easy is worth having” so don’t give up! You can do it!    






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