Our social media manager Marjolein Lokker shares her skin and hair secrets

Marjolein is a Dutchie living in Barcelona. Probably; something to do with better weather and good food. The Base is perfect for the humid climate and sunny days. Besides being social media manager for baseofsweden Marjolein also consults other companies such as KNAP Skincare; THE best beauty clinic in Amsterdam. Soon they will start selling The Base as the product passed their strong assortment selection process. 


In the past Marjolein worked for numerous beauty and fashion brands in The Netherlands and Pari such as Coty and Heineken.


Her number one love in life are animals and on a strong second she is passionate about beauty, photography, social media, reading and travelling. Oh yeah and not to forget she is a true fashion addict.

Hoi (Dutch for hello) Marjolein, so nice of you to share your favorite beauty tips with us. Tell us everything! 

¨I start my mornings with a glass of water because I always feel very thirsty in the morning. After I immediately follow up with another glass of water but now mixed with Cellics The Cell Elixer; a supplement powder with 27 important skin and cell boosters, for a stronger and thicker skin. I started using this product about 6 weeks ago and I can really see a difference. The taste is not the best so drink it very quickly ;) - it´s worth the results. After breakfast I also take some Omega capsules (also from Cellics); this boosts the immune system as well as boosts glow, gives strength to hair, skin and nails.¨


What do you have for breakfast?


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. My guilty pleasure is to pass by the local bakery with my doggie where she gets a mini croissant every day (for free / she is such a princess in the neighborhood) and I have some mini chocolate croissants. In Spain it´s custom to eat something sweet in the morning together with lots of coffee. Later in the morning before my lunch workout I make a big bowl of oat meal with tons of seeds and spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and some fresh walnuts. I feel this bowl is nourishing and healing for the body and provides a lot of protein for a good workout.


How does your morning skin ritual look?


I add some drops of olive oil to some water and clean my face with this. It feels refreshing and I have a dry skin so it really hydrates and nourishes the skin. After I use a Day Collagen serum from QMS Medicosmetics. This skincare brand is life. Followed by The Moisturizer Balance cream of the same brand.

Now it´s time for applying my favorite THE BASE. I use the color SOPHISTICATED and I like to apply it with a moist beauty blender. I tried several sponges but the original BeautyBlender remains my favorite.


On top of THE BASE (under the eyes I apply 2 layers to cover up darkness) I now use the concealer from Helena Rubinstein it´s very light and brightens the under eye circles.


After it´s time for some Charlotte Tilburry Glam. I use the Beauty Light Wand in Pink and blend it in with The Beauty blender and I also use some Charlotte Tilburry Multi Miracle Glow just on top of the cheekbones.


With The Base you don´t need a powder as it stays matte all day until you remove it, which is something I love about the product.


To finish up I use eyeliner (L'Oreal waterproof), mascara (Pupa) and Charlotte Tilburry Pillow Talk lip liner and lipstick. It will give you fuller lips instantly. My absolute glam tip ;).


How does your evening ritual look?


I have this bad habit of falling asleep on the couch just half an hour before going to bed so now as soon as I come home from my activities I immediately clean my face :). I use The Remover from BASEOFSWEDEN with coconut and jojoba oil. After that I mix some olive oil again with water for further cleansing and moisture. I use the Night Collagen serum from QMS and finish with a layer of The Moisturizer Balance.


Do you use any masks or peels during the week?


Yes I do; I use 3 times per week the QMS exfoliant, it gives your skin such a beautiful glow. You can use it daily but sometimes my skin gets red if I use it too often so 3 times is perfect for my skin. Furthermore, I like using different types of masks as I like trying new things.


What about your hair? Any tips?


My hair is my own but lately the tips are very dry; Mainly due to the summer but also because of coloring it. Now I just started using Olaplex to strengthen the hair. You get 2 treatments in the salon and after you get a product for home use. I am curious to see if it works. Furthermore, I use hydrating masks, try not to wash it more than 2 times per week and as I am writing this blog I just received some new products from IVY; a new Dutch haircare brand.


Last but not least; what´s your favorite perfume?


Baccarat Rouge; forever my favorite!


You can follow Marjolein and her (styling) adventures here: https://www.instagram.com/marjoleingoesbarcelona/








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