Easy Cleopatra makeup that lasts all night long

For this supereasy quick fix last minute Cleopatra halloween costume you will only need 8 products: 

1. A The Base foundation (you can see the shade Sophisticated in the video) 
2. A blue eye shadow
3. A golden eye shadow
4. A sharp eyeliner 
5. Some tape
6. A black eye pencil
7. A great mascara
8. Rouge
7. Lipgloss (to boss) 

For clothing try to find something golden and sparkly, invest in a sparkly party dress that can be used several times over and over and not only once a year!

To create the classical Cleopatra hairstyle for this look some fake hair was cut and clipped on under a sparkling cap covered in golden sequins, adding more bling to the whole look! 

Most of all, remember that Halloween is about going out and having fun with your friends! The only thing that will not have fun is your foundation, because it will not go anywhere ;) 







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