What skin type do you have?

Knowing your skln type is crucial when it comes to finding out what skincare and makeup to use! Without knowing your skin type you will probably end up using the wrong products. Let us guide you to your skin!

The quick and easy way to find out your skintype: 
Use a blotting sheet to find out what skin type what you have. Wash your face with a facial cleanser, let your skin rest for 30 minutes, then take a dry blotting sheet and press it to your skin.

Then hold the sheet up into the light to see if there are any markings.
If there is a lot of oil on the blotting sheet you have oily skin.
If there is barely any oil on the sheet, then you have dry skin.
If there is only some oil from your T-zone (your forehead and nose) then you have combination skin.
If you see minimal oil from every area in your face you have normal skin.

You can have sensitive skin regardless of which skin type you have. If you have sensitive skin you can feel this by your skin feeling itchy, turning red or being dry. These symptoms are usually triggered by certain ingredients, but can also be triggered from the environment. Try to find out what ingredients your skin react to by carefully reading ingredients lists and try to only introduce one new ingredient at a time for your skin to find out what the skin is reacting to.



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