Summer time: get that summer glow!

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your makeup. Our advice is to go wild! Makeup is an art and you are the artist!

Of course there are a lot of guidelines and we are happy to guide you through all your questions. But how do you get started with experimenting with your makeup? We asked our pro makeup artist Molina.

Molina pro makeup artist for Baseofsweden

“My best advice is to first get to know your skin type. People always ask me what colors they should use based on their eye and hair colors, but I always tell them that it is not about the color, it is about the shade of the colors! Everyone can wear all colors, it’s just about finding the most flattering undertones and shades for you! Usually most people have a hint about what colors they look good in and I think that is something to go for when choosing makeup.”

“Start with looking at what inspires you! And if you have a hard time getting started, experiment with more classic looks such as a bold red lip. Try different shades of red with different undertones and see which one you like the most. A red with a colder undertone makes your teeth look more white while a red with a more yellow undertone makes your teeth look more yellow. A red with a more orange undertone can be beautiful if you have red hair for example.”

Red lips bold look with The Base Foundation

For a tutorial on how to create a bold red lip in a few simple steps look here:

For that summer glam glow up, look at this tutorial for an easy guide on how to achieve a natural glowing skin:

We are happy to guide you to your new makeup routine! Contact us through DM on our Instagram @baseofsweden and we are happy to give you some makeup tips!

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